Winter Is Coming – Benefits of a Wood Heater

Winter is just around the corner in Australia. Power bills are increasing so now might be a good time to consider adding a wood heater to your home. One of the most significant advantages of wood heating is the superior heat quality. Wood heaters work on the principle of radiant heat, which warms an area more quickly and effectively. Many wood heaters also employ convection, which involves the use of heat panels and blowers, to create more uniform heat distribution throughout your home. It also dries clothing quickly! Technology has advanced from years gone by. We have listed 7 wood heaters that can offer many benefits. We will start with the most efficient wood heater.

1. 85% Efficient – Freestanding Wood Heater Jotful F163
With an astonishing 85 percent efficiency rating, the Jotul F163 wood heater is the most efficient of all our wood heaters. This powerful heater can heat up to 100 m2, and it’s very exceptional performance has won it a well-deserved placement at the top of our top 10 list of most efficient wood heaters.

2. 84% Efficient – Freestanding Wood Heater Nectre N60
This is the wood heater for you if you wish to combine effective wood heating with a modern design. The Nectre N60 wood heater is another outstanding example of Australian design, with an astonishing 84 percent efficiency rating. The N60 offers sustainable energy in its most elegant form, with a stylish European appearance that conceals how hardworking it is.

3. 83% Efficient – Freestanding Wood Heater Lopi Cape Cod
With an astonishing efficiency rate of 83 percent, the Cape Cod provides one of the most astounding wood heating performances on the market. It performs well in heating big rooms, and the Hybrid Fyre technology provides maximal re-burn of combustion products.

4. 79% Efficient – Freestanding Wood Heater Nectre 15LE
The evidence is in the performance, with a 79 percent efficiency rating, thanks to its high-quality Australian design and production. The Nectre 15LE is a superior choice for a wood heater that is superiorly efficient, demonstrating the knowledge of over 40 years in heater design.

5. 77% – Freestanding Wood Heater Invicta Alcor
The Invicta Alcor wood heater is one of the most efficient wood heaters on the market, with a 77 percent efficiency rating. This heater is distinctive for its panoramic flames and tubular body, which are combined with the artistic flair of French design.

6. 76% – Freestanding Wood Heater Invicta Ove
The elegant French design gives the Invicta Over wood heater a distinctive focal point, but it’s the wood heating energy efficiency that will truly get people talking. With a 76 percent energy efficiency rating, this ecologically friendly device will help you save money on your energy bills.

7. 76% – Freestanding Wood Heater Morso 7900 Series
This remarkable Morso 7900 Series wood heater is one-of-a-kind for a variety of reasons. The high-efficiency rating of 73 percent, along with its eye-catching appearance, does not fail to please. This powerful heater isn’t just lovely on the outside; it can also crank up the heat when needed, earning it a spot among our top ten most efficient wood heaters.

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