Plan Your Bathroom Reno Then Plan Again

If you feel it is time to revamp and renovate your bathroom. Then creating multiple layouts and themes is a good place to start. Take your time as the tones and fittings you choose are going to be with you for a long time.

You can take advantage of some of the online room sketching websites that enable you to develop 3D displays of rooms. A website name Room Sketcher lets you design your own bathroom online You can add the actual dimensions of your bathroom then add the flooring and furnishings. This then is viewable in 3D and via a 360 degree view.

How much does it cost to renovate a bathroom?

First and foremost, think about how much a bathroom makeover would cost you over time. When employing professional renovation services, the average cost of a full bathroom makeover is $15,000 to $18,000; however, if you renovate the bathroom yourself, you can save thousands of dollars but also take on the worry and responsibility if things go wrong.

When performing a bathroom makeover on your own, the cost will be determined by the tools and materials required. Because you won’t be paying for labour, the price of your DIY renovation will be restricted to the supplies and tools you purchase. As a general rule, you can save money by opting for less expensive materials and budget-friendly solutions. Instead of purchasing high-end bathroom tiles, you might choose tiles that are more reasonably priced.
bathroom reno costs


A remodelling allows you to customise your place precisely how you want it. If you can’t decide on a design theme, the construction of your home will determine the style of your bathroom. If you live in a traditional, heritage home, you’ll likely choose for more traditional options. You’d choose a more current contemporary style if you were starting from scratch or in a new home.

Practical considerations have a role in style selection. Is it a family with children who will be using the restroom? Is this a public restroom? A separate bathroom? A cloakroom? You can have a little more fun in a powder room because it doesn’t get as much use as a major bathroom.


Heating in the bathroom can be a necessary luxury regardless of the climate you live in. To have heating at your fingertips is hard to resist. There are some great products out there.

The Linear bathroom unit by Martec is a high extraction bathroom 3 in 1 packed with great features. The MBHL1000S Silver Linear is an elegant and simple design combining LED lights, a high extraction turbo exhaust and halogen heat lamp.

The 4 x LED replaceable warm white LED globes produce 2520 Lumens for excellent light disbursement. With a powerful air extraction of 600m³/hr, the Linear is great for use in medium to large sized bathrooms.

Draft stopper, 2.5 metre of ducting and exterior grill included.

Remote control adaptable with Martec’s MBHREM remote control kit – not included please see accessories.

Key Features & Benefits
  • Suitable for medium to large bathrooms
  • High extraction 600m³/hr
  • Long life turbo blade motor
  • Quiet operation
  • 4 x 6W COB GU10 LED globes included
  • 1000W halogen heat lamp included


A major consideration is ventilation. To begin, there are standards and building codes that must be followed. These determine the size of your windows, how much they open, and which ventilation fans are appropriate.

In Australia, there are also ventilation guidelines that you should enquire about with your builder.

Comfort, health, and indoor air quality all benefit from proper ventilation in the house. Bathroom ventilation keeps air moving to eliminate impurities, moisture buildup, and odours, as well as to maintain the space as clean and fresh as possible.

Proper bathroom ventilation avoids moisture buildup, mould growth, and structural damage.


Because we all require adequate lighting in our bathrooms, you must evaluate the room’s size and functionality.
Choosing the right lighting can help you create the ideal atmosphere for a pleasant soak in the tub.
The most common and conventional lighting style is overhead lighting. There has been a lot more wall sconce lighting recently, and it’s usually next to a mirror, which is much nicer for things like make-up application.

Bathroom lighting should be bright and functional. For those evenings when you wish to soak in the tub, a dimmer switch or wall sconces can be added.

If you’re doing a complete renovation, don’t forget to consider window placement and the optimum glass or glazing solution for light and privacy.

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