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Direct Connect

Direct Connect Your Free Utility Connection Service. Connection to Elecrticity, Gas, Water, Phone, Inernet.

AON Personal Insurance

Aon does the insurance for you


Argyle appliance rentals. Fridges, Freezers, Washers, Dryers, Tv, Videos and Dvds.

Depatment of fair trading

New South Wales Government Department of Commerce
Office of Fair Trading

Real Estate Institude of NSW

REINSW is the largest professional association for real estate agents and other property professionals in Australia.

NSW Department of Lands

 The New South Wales Department of Lands (Lands) represents knowledge, heritage, and responsible land management.

Office of State Revenue

The Office of State Revenue (OSR) has as its primary role the administration of revenue laws for the community of Western Australia. Over 262 staff undertake this task which involves both the collection of duties and taxes, as well as the payment of grants and subsidies.

Reserve Bank of Australia

The Reserve Bank of Australia’s (RBA) main responsibility is¬†monetary policy. Policy decisions are made by the¬†Reserve Bank Board, with the objective of achieving low and stable inflation over the medium term. Other major roles are maintaining¬†financial system stability¬†and promoting the safety and efficiency of the¬†payments system. The Bank is an active participant in financial markets, manages Australia’s foreign reserves, issues Australian¬†currency notes¬†and serves as banker to the Australian Government. The information provided by the Reserve Bank includes¬†statistics¬†– for example, on interest rates, exchange rates and money and credit growth – and a range of¬†publications¬†on its operations and research.