Redevelop a part of your home into a beautiful courtyard.

Your courtyard is a valuable addition to your home for entertaining family and friends. So, why not think of it as an extension of your house, and decorate it similarly to your interior? Or, you may want to create an entirely different feel to a part of your home. Even the smallest spaces can be brought to life with a little bit of imagination.
court yard transformations
Courtyard Furniture
When it comes to tiny garden plan ideas, choosing the right-sized furniture is crucial. There are all types of furniture available on the market. Make sure you choose all-year-round durable furniture as it will be exposed to the elements.
Courtyard furniture
Courtyard Plants
Growing plants upward soften walls and fences while providing a riot of colour and intrigue in a tiny space. Use vertical climbing plants like honeysuckle, clematis, passiflora, and jasmine planted on wall mounted trellises to grow vertically where the footprint is scant.
A pot or container is a terrific method to provide the option of growing when space is limited. Containers allow plants to grow vertically in areas where digging is difficult due to paving.
For both paved and decked spaces, tall planters and statement pots are a beautiful concept. Variable heights with plant supports add intrigue, while brilliant blossoms provide a sizzling splash of colour to this collection of pots and plants.

In the green and white pots, try long-flowering rudbeckia, and in the ceramic and copper pots, try gerbera. You may adjust them to fit the occasion or move them out of the way if you need more room, in addition to giving a focal point. In our garden planter ideas guide, you’ll find even more gorgeous designs.

Courtyard Cinema
Courtyards are ideal for hosting your own private cinema due to their enclosed character. Simply take a page from this inviting sight and invest in one of the greatest outdoor projectors, as well as a sheet hung from a laundry line as a screen.

For a magical mood that everyone will appreciate, add plenty of comfortable chairs and colourful cushions, as well as some low glowy lighting. Then turn on the newest film and settle in for a night under the stars.

Add a Cover
Although courtyards are protected from the elements on all sides, if yours is overlooked, you may also want to consider patio cover options. Choose a flexible shelter that attaches up high, such as awnings or a streamlined design, to conserve valuable floor space. You’ll be able to open and close it according to your mood and the weather. Or you can choose to ad a pergola style covering and grow some creeping plants over it.

Courtyard Before and After
As you can see even the dullest section of your home can be transformed into a beautiful courtyard. Scarborough exterior design and landscaping team, Archer Smith put together this masterpiece.

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