Property Management Victoria Park WA 6100

Rent My Home in Victoria Park WA

Do you own an investment property you want to lease? Or, do you want to rent your current home? We provide the full suite of services for all of our landlords. This includes the placement of tenants, rental collection, maintenance and tax accounting documents.

We meet with the landlord to gauge the type of tenant they prefer. We discuss the length of the rental. Determine if the property for the short term or long term rental. We also offer a free appraisal on your potential weekly rent return. We have a list of tenants that are waiting to rent property in Victoria Park. This list includes singles, couples, small families and corporate executives. Once we know the type of tenant required we filter our database to find matches. Once we narrow down the list we submit this to the landlord. From here we arrange all the inspections and choose the suitable tenant.

Rent Returns in Victoria Park

How much rent per week can you expect in a house or unit? Our property managers are very familiar with the region. We provide accurate weekly rental returns based on location to shops, schools and amenities. We also take into account the current rental history in Victoria Park. All our evaluations vary slightly depending on the type of property. As of December 19, 2019, the median weekly rent for a house was $400 per week and for a unit is was $295 per week.
Property management Victoria Park WA 6100
Rent per week for a house in Victoria Park.

  • 2 bedroom house rent per week $340
  • 3 bedroom house rent per week $400
  • 4 bedroom house rent per week $575

Rent per week for a unit in Victoria Park.

  • 1 bedroom unit rent per week $215
  • 2 bedroom unit rent per week $290
  • 3 bedroom unit rent per week $400

Property Management Policies

We respect the rights of both tenants and landlords. All tenants by law have the obligation to abide by the terms and conditions as set out in the rental agreement. If there are any issues we direct them to Tenancy WA Community Legal Centre.

Landlords to have rights. Our lease agreements make sure the tenant at all times follows the terms on the signed rental document. We have a zero policy on rent fees in arrears. We perform regular property inspections which we report to the landlord. It is our top priority to ensure the tenant is meeting their rental requirements. Our condition reports are all documented and forwarded to the landlord.

We collect the rent on a monthly basis and provide the landlord with a full accounting document. At the end of the financial year, the landlord receives the total rental fees collected less any deductions. This final document is fully prepared to submit to the taxation office.

Rental Property Maintenance Issues
Should the property require any maintenance we will first contact the landlord. The landlord has the choice of choosing the right tradesman to fix the issue or, we can provide this service. The only time we will fix the problem immediately is when we are required by law in cases of emergency.

Recently Rented Property in Victoria Park WA

Browse our list of property that has been recently leased in Victoria Park. There are over 280 properties to view. These properties include houses, units, apartments and townhouses. You can expand our list to view over 1200 properties we have rented in surrounding suburbs.
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