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How Much is My Langford Home Worth?

On October 15, 2022, the median price for a house in Langford was $400,000. 42 properties were up for sale and 9 were available for rent in Langford last month. Houses have a median price of $400,000, while apartments have a price range of $322,500 for the past year. If you’re looking for an investment property, consider Langford, where homes rent for $390 per week with a 5.3% annual rental return and apartments rent for $350 per week with a 6.9% annual rental yield.
House prices and weekly rent returns in Langford

  • 3 bedroom house $380,000 Weekly rent return $377
  • 4 bedroom house $500,000 Weekly rent return $430

It takes on average 50 days to sell a home in Langford. The gross rental yield is 5.3%.

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Thinking of selling your home? Or, perhaps you want to know the current market value? Our appraisers provide free real estate appraisals on land, units and houses. We know this region well and have sold multiple properties in the area. Our valuations are accurate and are based on recent sales, proximity to schools, shops and public transport.

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real estate appraisal Langford WA 6147Do you want to rent your home? Or, do you have an investment property you wish to rent? Our property management team work closely with landlords. We ascertain if the rental is for long term or short term lease. We access our database of potential tenants to find the right fit the landlord requires. Our list includes singles, couples and small families. We appraise our rental on a multitude of criteria.

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