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How Much is my Home Worth in Scarborough WA?

The latest median price for a house in Scarborough as of October 15, 2022, is $930,000. 194 homes were up for sale and 109 were offered for rent in Scarborough last month. The median price of real estate during the previous year ranged from $545,000 for units to $930,000 for houses. Consider Scarborough homes, which rent for $650 per week with a 4.1% annual rental return and $470 per week with a 4.9% annual rental yield if you’re searching for an investment property.

House prices and weekly rent returns in Scarborough WA.

  • 2 bedroom house $882,500 Rent per week $550
  • 3 bedroom house $889,500 Rent per week $630
  • 4 bedroom house $1,200,000 Rent per week $800

Unit prices and weekly rent returns in Scarborough WA.

  • 1 bedroom unit $329,000 Rent per week $350
  • 2 bedroom unit $490,000 Rent per week $440
  • 3 bedroom unit $680,000 Rent per week $570

Property Appraisal Scarborough WA 6019

Real estate appraisal Scarborough WA 6019We provide free appraisals on houses, units, apartments and land. When determining the value of a home to take into account the location to shops, schools and public transport. We also factor in the recent real estate sales history. We are available for consultation seven days a week. We will demonstrate how we get our final price. From here if you wish to sell we will suggest multiple options to selling your Scarborough home.

Rental Appraisal Scarborough WA 6019

Do you have an investment property or are thinking of leasing your current home? Our property management team are free to meet at your convenience and appraise the property for rent free of charge. Rental appraisals are not the same as appraising a home. The landlord generally has criteria in relation to the type of tenants that lease their premises. The property may be long term or short term. They may or may not allow pets or large families. All these requirements are taken into account during the appraisal.

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