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How Much is my Home Worth in Yokine?

On October 15, 2022, the latest property data published had the median price for a house in Yokine at $750,000.  Yokine offered 117 homes for sale and 43 for rent in the previous month. The median price of real estate during the previous year ranged from $378,000 for units to $750,000 for homes. If you’re searching for an investment property, Yokine homes rent for $550 per week with a 4.1% annual rental return while Yokine units rent for $362 per week with a 5.4% annual rental yield.

House prices and weekly rent returns in Yokine

  • 2 bedroom house $780,000 Rent per week $400
  • 3 bedroom house $655,000 Rent per week $510
  • 4 bedroom house $870,000 Rent per week $655

Unit prices and weekly rent returns in Yokine

  • 1 bedroom unit No Data Rent per week $300
  • 2 bedroom unit $335,000 Rent per week $350
  • 3 bedroom unit $515,000 Rent per week $450

Free Real Estate Appraisal Yokine

Real estate appraisal Yokine WA 6060What is the value of my home in Yokine? Any of our real estate agents will give you a free property appraisal on your unit, land or house. We have sold over 750 homes in Yokine and surrounding suburbs. We are local to the region and know the value of a property. We base our findings on recent sales history, location to shops, schools, public transport and amenities. Each property is thoroughly researched when we perform an estimation.

Free Rental Appraisal Yokine

Have you just purchased an investment property and need a manager? Are you moving on and want to rent out your home? Our rental management team have leased over 1150 properties. Our property managers offer free rental appraisals on apartments, units, houses and townhouses. Prior to the appraisal, we will discuss with the owner the length of the rental and the preferred tenant. These are important factors in determining the expected weekly rent return. We will also discuss with the landlord the service we provide such as routine inspections, rent collection and maintenance issues. At the end of the day, our goal is to maximise the owners return on investment. We maintain a healthy relationship with all our owners.

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