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How Much is My Burswood Home Worth?

Do you want to know the market price of your home in Burswood? The median price for a house on October 15, 2022, was $950,000. In Burswood, there were 67 houses for sale and 32 for rent last month. The median price of real estate during the previous year ranged from $588,000 for units to $950,000 for mansions. Consider Burswood homes, which rent for $650 per week with a 3.6% annual rental return and $520 per week with a 5.1% annual rental yield if you’re searching for an investment property.

Free Real Estate Appraisal Burswood

Real estate appraisal Burswood WA 6100Porter Matthews delivers free property appraisals on land, units, apartments and houses. So, if you want a realistic value of your home we will do this at no cost to vendors. We calculate the property price on location to shops, schools and amenities together with the recent sales history of Burswood. On our books, we have home buyers and investors interested in property in Burswood.

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Do you own your home and wish to rent it out? Or, do you have an investment property and need a property manager? Our appraisers will tell you how much rent per week you can expect. Obviously the appraisal is determined by the length of the rental and the type of tenant preferred. We discuss these terms with the landlord prior to making our appraisal. In our database of potential tenants are singles, families and corporate clients. Our property management team handle the rent collecting, maintenance, routine inspections as well as providing full taxation reports.

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