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How Much is My Home Worth in Wilson WA?

On October , 2022, the published data had the median price of a house in Wilson at $590,000. Wilson has 24 homes up for rent and 60 properties for sale in the previous month. The median price of a home during the past year has ranged from $590,000 to $445,000. Consider Wilson homes, which rent for $450 per week with a 4.1% annual rental return and $430 per week with a 5.1% annual rental yield if you’re searching for an investment property.
House prices and weekly rent returns.

  • 2 bedroom home $494,000 Rent per week No Data
  • 3 bedroom home $571,000 Rent per week $400
  • 4 bedroom home $677,000 Rent per week $500

Free Real Estate Appraisal Wilson

Real estate appraisal Wilson WA 6107
Are you selling your home and need an estimation as to its value? We provide free property appraisals on houses and units. Our estate agents factor in recent sales history, how close the home is to amenities, schools, transport and shops. We deliver a speedy and accurate report as to how much your home is worth.

Free Rental Appraisal Wilson

Have you recently purchased an investment property and need a rental manager? Or, are you moving and wanting to lease your current home? Our property management team will give you a free rental appraisal on how much rent you can get per week. We manage multiple properties in the region and have a database of potential tenants. We connect closely with the owner and provide them with full tax accounting documents. Our software is state of the art and manages all our inspections and rent collections together with maintenance issues. It is our rental manager’s goal to realise our owners return on their investment.

Property Valuation Wilson

There is a big difference between getting a property valuation and having an appraisal. People who engage the services of a valuer do this for legal reasons. The valuer has to be registered and will charge a fee. An appraisal can be performed by any licenced real estate agent and is an estimate based on their local knowledge.

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